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Photos of our little kids.

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Our cats

A few photos of our cats.

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Pictures of our life with kittens.

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Kittens available

Cats waiting for a new home.

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About Us

A few words about us.

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Videos with our cats.


05.03.2024y. - litter R has arrived - photos soon :)
29.10.2023y. - Page update. Please visit the litters and available kittens section.
24.05.2023y. - Litter O was born. Soon in the gallery we will post photos of our new babies.
18.05.2023y. - we are expecting litter O. More information coming soon.
Sisi gave birth to litter N - all cats have already found their new homes.
11.09.2022y. - Illy gave birth to litter M - photos soon.
Litter L is welcomed in the world. Photos soon.
26.04.2022y. - K litter appeared in the world.
24.04.2022y. - any day will be born Litter K.
We invite you to the new section on our website - Kittens available
Cats of this breed have a very gentle disposition. They are one of those breeds that can be around with children. They are inquisitive but quite phlegmatic. Compared to other breeds, they are not particularly lively - usually they do not climb high furniture. They become very attached to their household members, they like to accompany them and they miss them when the owner is not at home. They are perfect for homes with children and homes where there are already other animals. He is non-conflict, I feel good both among other cats and in the company of a dog. It is said that the ragdoll is an eternal kitten because his love of play does not pass with age.
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